"Founding myth"

The idea for Damawas has two roots that were able to unite by chance into one tribe. After this had happened, the first branches could sprout…

The first root was already strong, because Pascal wanted to start a school in Arua since long and had already prepared a lot to start the project.

The second root began to sprout on a bike trip…

>>On the bike trip from Vienna to my brother in Sydney (2018/19) I visited friends I had met as a couchsurfing host. And I also made precious new acquaintances. Many good conversations were held, the farewells were difficult and always led to the open question “Will we ever see each other again?” I realized that I had to take the reunion into my own hands – preferably all at once!

One of my earliest couchsurfing guests was Pascal, with whom I had remained in contact over the years. Looking for a suitable place for a big meeting in a country where “no one” had been, I told him about my idea and learned about his.

It quickly became apparent what potential the combination of international networking and local anchoring has for both ideas! During my trip, in dozens of emails with Pascal and in conversations with those friends, Damawas, the freshly sown germ, began to flourish.

After my return to Vienna (July 2019) it happened by chance that Pascal after a congress visit in Germany could also come to Vienna , where a meeting with the later founding members of the damawas association took place in December 2019.<<


December 2019: Meeting with Pascal and the later founding members of the damawas association