in Austria…

· … we are an association of people who don’t just want to leave behind used resources, but also want to enable change.

· … as an association also resource mediator and forum for knowledge exchange in cooperation with the local partner organization DECCA – Damawas Education and Cultural Center Arua

… the association DAMAWAS was founded in Vienna in February 2020

… The current chairman is Martin Ebenhöh (see “Founding myth”). About the project he says:

“It offers the chance to realize eco-social utopias”

… We want to give the association a greater impact with numerous partnerships, so we see the possibility of a school sponsorship, a university cooperation for architecture and cooperation with similarly oriented organizations. We want to strive for funding in a timely manner.

How do we work?

  • Damawas sees itself as an open platform for people who want to contribute their resources (with ideas or innovation, with time and ultimately with money) – in the realization of a widely sustainable school and training project in Arua/Uganda.
  • After evaluation, the resources are made available as a toolbox for the local partner organization DECCA.