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Class-by-class start of school from 2025/26

International meeting at the end of the first start-up phase

This meeting is not only intended as a special social event, the hope is also that something new will emerge when people from different parts of the world come together, bring something of their own and exchange ideas – with each other and with local people who come into contact with Damawas through the cultural center.

March 2025

Construction and commissioning of the cultural centre

Current goals »


Accommodation for international volunteers, teachers and interested parties in traditional round huts in the style of different local ethnicities

Provision of a playground and sports field that should remain accessible in later school operations


First cultivation on the agricultural land as well as involvement of the local community by starting the agricultural use of the project plot (2,000m²)

What has happened so far »

Spring 2022

Creation of a communication concept

As part of a course, a team of students at fhWien der WKW created a communication concept for the Damawas association.

Completion of design at the Vienna University of Technology and selection of a winning design

After the presentation of the 17 high-quality designs by students of the TU Vienna, a winning design was selected jointly by the partner association DECCA and a jury of experts.

February 2022
Autumn 2021
Logo TU Wien

Designing at TU Wien

In the winter semester 2021/22, a design for the "DAMAWAS – School and Cultural Center in Uganda" will take place at the Vienna University of Technology in the Master's program in Architecture

Tree plantings on the project plot

Trees available from the National Forest Agency were planted on the project site.

August 2021
August 2021

Visit to Uganda

First physical meeting of our club chairman Martin with our partner association DECCA in Arua

First online meeting of DECCA and Damawas

June 2021
March – April 2021

Concept for cooperation on architectural planning

Foundation of DECCA in Arua. The school property is documented in the land register

January 2021
Autumn 2020

Design of brochure and website

Foundation of the damawas association

February 2020
December 2019

Pascal's visit to Vienna

The exchange of ideas will be deepened and extended by those people who now work together in the association

Joint expansion of the project plot to approx. 1.3 ha

July 2019
December 2018

the second part of the project idea is created on a bike tour

Pascal buys the first land in Ewuata for the school and other parts 2016 – 2018.

Since 2012

Pascal plans to start a school

Pascal buys land in Bondo