… at the plot of the project in Vurra

Currently, the plot (13,000m²) for the project is undeveloped and unmanaged. As a first step, the cultivation of a partial area is planned. Innovation hub ideas can already be implemented. There are other aspects to starting cultivation:

  • The start of cultivation is quickly enforceable and can soon show first fruits. By shaping and cultivating the area, the project can attract local attention in an uncomplicated way, especially when new ideas are being tried out.
  • The above development measures for the property will lead to the first local jobs within the project. The first connecting points to the local community will thus arise and the goals of the overall project will be introduced to the resident population.
  • The agricultural activities will be a constant companion for the project, be it in the lessons, as a resource for the school canteen, the provision of food for the cultural centre and the like. The “2000m2idea” gives direction and additional meaning to the cultivation of the property. Of course, also in this aspect sustainability should be given a high priority from the start. By that, we also expect to arouse local interest and also to attract international attention.

In the following, we want to try out the advantages of different cultivation and irrigation methods on comparison fields and establish cycles (compost toilets or biogas toilet combinations, pyrolysis ovens for the recovery of hard-to-rot plant parts for the production of plant coal, which can also be used to improve soil, etc.)

… on the associated agricultural land in Bondo

20km south of the school site, Pascal bought an agricultural area of about 8ha a few years ago. On this hitherto little-used land, agriculture with the aspects of self-sufficiency of school (school meals) and agricultural vocational training is to be operated in the future.