At Damawas…

… focuses on a school around which additional project parts are planned. Their inclusion can enrich school life and the resulting synergy effects should lead to maximum autonomy.

The parts of the project:

Establishment of a school that sees education and training holistically.

Construction of a cultural centre,which is connected to the school and ensures the bridge to the local population

Management of a field,again in connection with the school and the cultural center

With the“Innovation Hub”we plan to establish sustainable technologies. The aim is to contribute to self-sufficiency, training and future jobs, as well as local and international networking.

The accommodation of friends, helpers and guests on the school grounds is intended to promote international exchange and cooperation.

additional from Pascal:
“The whole project aims at promoting cultural interactions for building society through friendship and sharing ideas. Instead of school learning only for small children and girls, it will involve a whole society shaping its development by looking for solutions from within and outside and using them to address the social and economic challenges through more open interactions.”

The site for the center (currently about 1.1 ha)
Goats on the site for the center