Becoming active on site

Of course, we would like to see what is happening on the ground and also to tackle it, but still limit our travel activities to a minimum.
A major reason is the almost inevitable arrival by flight, a second is the associated costs, – money that could be invested more effectively on site.
And finally, it makes more sense overall if primarily those people it affects realize the project, we want to make it possible above all.

But the experience from other projects shows how fulfilling the cooperation and direct contact with the local people can be.

Especially in our “pioneering phase” the mediation between the project partners DECCA and Damawas could be very valuable. The sooner, the more, but the more pioneer! If you want to support the project in Arua, then we are very happy!

What this could look like and what conditions would have to be met for everyone involved in order for it to work out is most likely to be found out in personal conversations!