Project focus: Girls and young women

As in many other countries, there are many obstacles for girls and young women in Uganda that stand in the way of successful and continuous school attendance. Social, economic, cultural and religious conditions in the country make it difficult or prevent educational opportunities for girls. These framework conditions of multiple discrimination mean that even dealing with menstruation has a negative impact on the educational and professional opportunities of girls and young women. 

The economic situation of many households as well as prevailing role models can represent insurmountable obstacles to girls’ graduation. The loss of a potential worker coupled with additional costs for school attendance is more likely to be accepted for boys.
DAMAWAS therefore not only wants to offer a socially staggered cost contribution to school education, but also to enable school attendance free of charge if necessary.
On request, girls in particular will also be offered a combination of school, training and paid internships on the school campus. Within the framework of “project modules”, the continuation of school attendance is to become a win-win situation, especially for the child, but in the background for the whole family. 

In many cases, the prevailing view is that the education of male descendants is of greater importance for securing the livelihood of the family than the continuation of education for the girls. Instead, girls are often married early
The work of DAMAWAS aims to improve educational opportunities for girls and young women in the long term. School leaving certificates and training opportunities contribute to fairer social conditions. 

The onset of menstrual bleeding is often associated with a termination of school attendance. There is a lack of education and, in addition, of supposedly everyday things such as hygiene products and sanitary facilities. This not only often leads to stigma and shame, but also goes as far as so-called menstrual prostitution. Girls have to offer sexual services, and in return receive hygiene products, which means a degrading combination of exploitation and dependence. In Uganda, there are already a number of projects (see below) that address this problem. An important first step, which is also to be realized in our project, is the provision of sanitary facilities that are reserved only for girls. With this project focus, DAMAWAS wants to make school attendance and everyday school life easier for girls in the sense of a “save space” or make it possible in the first place.

training, security and promotion for self-confidence and the future!

Organisations and projects active in this field:

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